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Jindal Worldwide is the leader in Indian Textile Industries and is operating in Indian contingent as well as having its international collaboration and clients in north and South America to Europe, Africa and Middle-East Asia.

Started as a small venture during late 70’s Jindal grow to become a worldwide leader in textile market by providing innovative and quality products each year and now is the part of Jindal Group of Companies. The path of the Jindal success has been drawn by the 3000 people family who has enabled a small plant to become a huge tree of having market cap of more than US$ 200 Million.

Jindal has delivered quality with Fair and Proved Business Policies and maintaining High Corporate and Quality Standards.

Quality Policy

At Jindal maintains the high quality standards across all its division from the raw material stage to the finishing stage, the entire Product Life Cycle is Managed and monitored Quality Control export team.

Jindal is having state-of-the-art Testing Facilities equipped with all latest efficient testing instruments which ensures that customer will get highest quality in products.

News & Update

Quality Textile is the core of our commitment to the society for making finest Home Textile and Fabric products and giving true value to our customer’s expectations towards our company with latest innovation in quality and Designs.
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